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The last hurdle in going to market is product homologation. And this comes at the end of a long and expensive process. From market input to design, production, quality assurance, and finally your customers assembly floors and the shop shelves. TASS International partners have accredited and independent test centres. We provide the final and independent verification of your product’s compliance against worldwide standards. Time is money. Rejection is bad news. Outstanding test procedures and expert consultancy make the difference.


If you are already familiar with the homologation process, we can simply provide you with a detailed questionnaire. We can also guide you through the testing and certification process step by step. After document approval the physical tests, like impact, performance and endurance tests are carried out. Where possible we run the tests in parallel to minimise overall testing time. After successful testing the test report is submitted to the certifying body. In the even of a failure we will discuss whether continuing the testing would be of value and send you the data of the completed tests. We will keep you up-to-date during the entire process.

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  • Enter profitable markets
  • Guarantee quality, reduce risk
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Increase product value
  • Keep test results confidential
  • Stay current with certification issues
  • Partner with a safety innovator
  • Rely upon our excellent facilities and services
Certification of safety belts

Certification of safety belts

We have been involved in the introduction of the first standards and has homologated safety belts ever since. In our dedicated facilities we test over 5,000 safety belts or renowned manufacturers worldwide each year. We test a variety of belts; ranging from lap belts, 3-point and 6-point belts to special belts for pregnant women against standards like ECE R16, 77/541/EEC, FIA 8853/98 and FIA 8854/98. The belts can be used in cars, buses, trains, trucks, off-road vehicles, aircraft and even roller coasters.

Our in-house test center at the High Tech Automotive Campus in Helmond provides facilities like:

  • Buckle test benches
  • Various force and tension systems
  • 60 meter hydraulic crash track
  • Climate rooms

and more test setups for full scale homologation of safety belts.

Certification of child restraint systems

In the past decades we have extended our knowledge of the standards and testing on child restraint systems to outstanding levels. We test forward and rearward facing Child Restraint Systems and carrycots, belt or ISOFIX anchorage systems of all types, categories and weight classes against ECE R44, ECE R129 and all other current standards.

Our in-house test facilities in Helmond provide all the specialised systems required:

  • Hydraulic crash simulator and high speed cameras
  • Buckle test benches
  • Various force and tension systems
  • Climate and UV rooms
  • Corrosion rooms
  • Roll-over test bench

and many more to perform full scale homologation of Child Restraint Systems. As part of a network of specialists, we benefit from the latest and in-depth knowledge of automotive and regulatory developments concerning these systems.

child restraint system testing

Certification of helmets

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in homologation of various helmets for personal protection.

We test full face, open and half helmets as well as many modular and off-road types against standards like ECE 22 and customized test programmes.

We test many helmet types for personal protection like bicycling, horseback riding, skiing and industrial helmets against a variety of European standards like 89/686/EG, EN 397, EN 1077, EN 1078 and more. Most other certifying bodies around the world accept our results.

All tests are conducted at our in-house facilities comprising setups like:

  • Climate rooms
  • UV rooms
  • Drop tower
  • Penetration test bench

and many more.

Certification of speed pedelec helmets

TASS International is ready for NTA 8776 certification. In order to equip users of fast e-bikes (S-EPAC) with a suitable helmet, a NEN-project group in cooperation with TASS International has developed NTA 8776 in which the requirements for such a helmet are to be found. Next to the increased safety level, other important considerations in defining the requirements are that the helmet should be suitable for use in physical effort and should not impede the hearing ability of the S-EPAC user. 


Pedelec Helmet and schema
Speed pedelec helmet