Accident Reconstruction

Defining the cause of crashes and its effects


Accident Reconstruction

The field of Accident Reconstruction has and continues to be one of the most complex engineering problems to solve. With little or conflicting physical evidence Accident Reconstructionists are challenged to navigate through the vast number of possibilities to arrive at the actual chain of events for their clients in the insurance or legal professions. Often, people have been seriously injured or died and people’s lives and futures are at stake, not to mention the multi-million dollar claims that soon follow.

The goal of accident reconstruction (AR) is twofold. Providing the evidence suitable for sustaining or defending legal or insurance claims and providing the data for OEMs to further improve vehicle behaviour and occupant safety. However AR has and continues to be one of the most complex engineering problems to solve. Accident Reconstructionists are challenged to explore a large number of possibilities in defining the cause of crashes and its effects. 

The state-of-the-art simulation software of TASS International combined with the world’s largest database in accurate and reliable human body models can help AR in terms of insight yield, speed of analysis and the exploration of diverse options and effects. Results can also be combined with expert feedback and real-life testing.

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With its foundation in physics, MADYMO is uniquely positioned to assist in accident reconstruction cases, to increase confidence and eliminate doubt. Probable causes and consequences of accidents can be analyzed in detail.


  • Well documented & validated software
  • Scalable occupant models
  • Real-life test facilities
  • Coupling with HVE and PC-Crash



MADYMO is the worldwide standard software for analysing and optimizing occupant safety designs. It is without rival for its accuracy, efficiency and versatility.

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Crash Testing

Fully equipped facilities to perform tests on a whole range of automotive applications, both indoor and outdoor. From vehicle components or even aircraft parts via passenger cars to buses and trucks up to a gross weight of 22 tons.

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