AORC Dummy benchmark


AORC dummy benchmark

The Automotive Occupant Restraints Council (AORC - has presented the results of their frontal impact occupant safety benchmark at its 2010 annual general meeting. In this benchmark, all most commonly used combinations of simulation software codes and crash dummy models were compared on their predictive value versus physical test data and their CPU time efficiency. The MADYMO solver with multibody Hybrid-III models proved to be among the best on response accuracy, while being by far the fastest solution.

AORC benchmark
The goal of the benchmark was to conduct an impartial and objective comparison of simulation codes and the associated ATD models currently available for use in occupant simulation. A total of 7 different Hybrid III 50th male dummy models and 6 different Hybrid III 5th female dummy models have been compared with sled test data in both high energy and low energy test conditions. Factors analyzed included: validation level, robustness and computational efficiency.

MADYMO Speed and Accuracy
The AORC benchmark results illustrate the unique strength of MADYMO in combining accurate and robust dummy models with a very high simulation speed. The MADYMO models proved to be as accurate as the best FE models, but magnitudes faster (MADYMO 1 minute vs. FE 12 hours). Compared to the fastest FE alternative, the MADYMO models were on average 9 times faster and much more accurate. These AORC benchmark results confirm MADYMO's market leading position in occupant safety simulation.

The plot below shows how MADYMO scores on response accuracy (simulation versus test signal correlation ratings for FMVSS 208 channels) and CPU performance compared to alternative code-model combinations used for occupant safety analysis. Pleasecontact us for more detailed information.

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Product Suite

The MADYMO product suite consists of the following products: Solver (stand alone and coupling) Dummy, human and pedestrian models and a set of dedicated pre and post processing tools.