ADAS Testing

Consumer and certification testing for passenger & heavy duty vehicles


ADAS Testing

With a dedicated team, laboratory, testing facilities and access to an accredited Euro NCAP test track, we are fully equipped to perform all sorts of ADAS tests. We perform consumer tests for passenger vehicles for example those devised by Euro NCAP. We are also fully equipped to perform all ADAS tests conforming to current UNECE regulations for heavy duty vehicles (trucks and buses); namely ECE Regulation 130 (LDWS) and ECE Regulation 131 (AEBS). Additionally all of our ADAS activities are ISO17025 accredited.




  • Dedicated team
  • Active throughout the year
  • Flexible in timing and location
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Capable of testing conform Euro NCAP protocols
  • Engineering support

Our ADAS Team

Our ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) team consists of technical specialists that are solely dedicated to ADAS activities and work across several countries and test tracks. They are active throughout the entire year, which makes it possible to have a flexible agenda for our customers. Joining the team of technical specialists are our engineers, who support where needed. Our test engineers perform pre-NCAP assessments, benchmark testing and official testing according to all ADAS official protocols. Additionally help can be provided in the early phase of development with whole vehicle, component and system development testing, both on and off the test track. Our specialists are available for consultancy regarding test methods and scenario development.

Guided Soft Target

Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking Testing

The Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) tests consist of two categories: Car to Car Rear scenarios and Vulnerable Road User tests. AEB tests in a Car to Car Rear scenario incorporate two elements: City Systems (AEB) and Inter Urban Systems (AEB and FCW). AEB tests regarding Vulnerable Road Users include both pedestrian scenarios and cyclist scenarios. Our dedicated ADAS team can perform all consumer AEB tests, including development tests that may require alternative specifications, from different target offsets to diverse light conditions.

Euro NCAP Lane Support System Testing

We perform Lane Support Systems (LSS) tests in accordance with Euro NCAP 2018 protocols that consist of the following elements: Emergency Lane Keeping (ELK), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW). For these tests we make use of the Euro NCAP accredited Aldenhoven Testing Center. This test track includes all required features; such as real road edges (RRE), dashed, solid and fully marked lanes to perform all Euro NCAP Lane Support Systems tests.

LSS ADAS testing

UNECE Heavy Duty Testing

Additional to consumer testing, we are an RDW accredited laboratory authorized to carry out regulatory testing for UNECE of ECE-R130 (Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)) and ECE-131 (Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to the Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS)). Both regulations concern assessment of heavy duty vehicles (trucks and buses).

Future ADAS protocols

As vehicle technology progresses, so does the need for consumer testing of the technologies. Because our ADAS Safety Expert is a member of the Euro NCAP working groups, we are always involved in changes and therefore are able to offer customers ADAS tests that are already compliant with future protocols. This gives our customers the opportunity to consult us regarding future protocols, but also to test vehicles, systems and components in early development phase that can benefit from consulting.

GST Test target ADAS testing

Test Targets

We are fully equipped with the latest test targets used for consumer and certification testing. Our Global Vehicle Target is a controllable soft vehicle target on a self-propelled GPS guided platform (accurate to 1cm). Upon impact the target foam body separates into lightweight parts, avoiding damage to the vehicle under test and allowing quick reassembly between test runs (assembled in approx. 10 minutes). The Global Vehicle Target is capable of a maximum speed of 100 km/h and is therefore up to the latest test requirements. Because the target contains the same radar, lidar and visual attributes of an M1 passenger vehicle, it will be seen as such by the vehicle under test. For VRU assessment we use 4active articulated adult and child dummies as well as adult bicyclist dummy. These dummies are designed with humanlike radar cross section, infra-red and visual properties and are fully impactable and rebuildable.

Test equipment and tracks

Our ADAS team is prepared with the best equipment for testing using Anthony Best Dynamics CBAR, SR60 Steering Robot, SR15 Steering Robot, SPT20 Pedestrian propulsion unit, Guided Soft Target, TrackFi V2V synchro. We use Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) 6 axis IMU RT3003 and RT3003X, OxTS DGPS Base Station and OxTS RT Range system for GPS guidance in our test vehicles and targets. We make use of the Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC), which is an accredited Euro NCAP test track in Germany, compliant for all consumer testing plus ECE-130 and ECE-131 regulations.



    Guided Soft Target rear - medium
    AEB Test - Child Pedestrian II - medium
    AEB Test - Child Pedestrian - medium
    Guided Soft Target - medium
    Soft Pedestrian Target cyclist - medium
    • Guided Soft Target rear - medium
    • AEB Test - Child Pedestrian II - medium
    • AEB Test - Child Pedestrian - medium
    • Guided Soft Target - medium
    • Soft Pedestrian Target cyclist - medium