Cooperative Driving

V2V, V2I & V2X systems for safer, greener & smarter mobility


Cooperative Driving

The mobility, safety and environmental benefits gained from cooperative vehicle systems and infrastructure are enormous. The first cooperative driving applications are expected to be released onto the market in 2014 or 2015. Car makers are doing their utmost to make sure the systems are robust and failsafe. They drive many kilometres just to verify that the systems function properly in all situations that can happen on the road. Not only is this a time-intensive and cost-intensive process, the question always remains: are all possible scenarios covered?

Testing cooperative systems is even harder than testing traditional driver support systems because there are far more vehicles and possible interactions between these vehicles. This is one of the major drivers for extending our simulation platform PreScan with connected vehicle capabilities as well as for establishing the Vehicle Hardware-In-the-Loop (VeHIL) laboratory and our test site for cooperative mobility.

TASS International supports car makers with a methodology and corresponding toolset which is based on a combination of simulation, laboratory experiments and test track testing. With this methodology and toolset our customers can verify the systems at a much earlier stage and for much smaller investments.

In future, once legislation for cooperative systems has been established, our toolset and services can also be used for homologation of V2X systems & components.

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  • Safer roads with fewer casualties
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Increased traffic efficiency
  • Fewer harmful emissions



PreScan provides a physics-based simulation platform to prototype, test and validate your new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and connected vehicle systems (V2X).

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Vehicle Hardware-In-the-Loop

Vehicle Hardware in the Loop, in short VeHIL, allows developers to test and evaluate the functionality of a complete vehicle, as well as its subsystems and sensors, in controlled yet realistic circumstances.

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DITCM test fleet

Cooperative Mobility

Our test facilities range from desktop simulation software, indoor laboratory testing to the A270/N270 public highway for large-scale outdoor testing.

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Fully accredited and independent testing institute providing extensive testing services and professional advice for the certification of safety products. Guiding you through worldwide product certification.

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