Cooperative Mobility

Test facilities for cooperative mobility

Verification of V2X components
Validation of connected vehicle applications
Evaluation of ITS system effectiveness

Mobility Center

Cooperative systems are being developed for large scale deployment in the near future. Validation of the performance of cooperative systems, and evaluation of the impact of cooperative applications is crucial before large scale deployment can proceed. The TASS International offer facilitates testing, evaluation, and validation of cooperative systems from desktop simulation to indoor laboratory testing as well as outdoor testing on public roads.

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Testing cooperative systems is even harder than testing traditional driver support systems because of networked interactions with other road users and road side equipment. TASS International Mobility Center provides services and facilities for testing in the fields of cooperative mobility, connected vehicle systems, and automated driving. Our test facilities range from desktop simulation software, indoor laboratory testing to the A270/N270 public highway for large-scale outdoor testing. Our test facilities have been used in wide range of Dutch projects and European projects such as the SPITS, Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) and Drive C2X.


  • Vehicle-to-vehicle applications
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure applications
  • Shock wave damping
  • Cooperative ACC
  • Traffic jam warning
  • Road hazard warning
  • Emergency brake light warning
  • Green light optimal speed advisory
  • Merging Assistance
DITCM test site

Our Facilities

The DITCM test site is a purpose-built facility for the development, testing and  validation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and cooperative driving technologies. The DITCM test site is located on the A270 and N270 roads in and between the cities of Helmond and Eindhoven. It consists of both a motorway and urban environments. The DITCM test site is 8 km long, with 6 km of motorway. Roadside equipment is responsible for vehicle detection and V2X communication. All other equipment is placed indoor and includes sensor fusion facilities, application platforms and a traffic management center. The test site is connected to neighboring urban sections and other information sources via a high speed internet connection.

DITCM test site

DITCM test site

  • 6 km highway, 2km urban road & 2 traffic light controllers
  • 20 ITS G5 roadside units (802.11p)
  • 56 cameras for real-time vehicle detection and tracking
  • 11 dome cameras
  • 3G Communication
  • Integration of 3rd party hardware and software for testing
New control room small

DITCM control room

  • Test control and monitoring
  • Logging, on-line analysis and evaluation
  • Control and test third party communication and application units
  • Emulation of “Here I am” messages of non-equipped vehicles to increase the penetration rate of cooperative vehicles 
  • Measurement of PDR and signal strength (RSSI)
DITCM test fleet


  • Instrumented vehicles with extendable in-car platforms
  • Vehicles are equipped with radar, camera, lidar, DSRC, GPS, 3G
  • Software toolkit to rapidly create and test application software
DITCM simulation

Simulation toolsuite

  • Detailed simulation of connected vehicle and automated driving systems (PreScan)
  • Microscopic traffic simulation of intelligent systems on city-sized road networks (ITS Modeller)
  • Scenario-based V2X simulation
  • Traffic, environment and communication channel modelling
  • Support of standards (ETSI CAM/DENM, SAE J2735 BSM)
VeHIL-TASS - small

Laboratory testing

  • HIL testing of Communication Units and Application ECUs
  • Indoor laboratory testing of complete vehicle (VEHIL)
  • Communication channel emulation
DITCM logo

DITCM member

TASS International is a member of the DITCM consortium. DITCM is an open innovation organisation in which government, industry and knowledge institutes work together on the successful introduction of cooperative systems to sustainably support mobility and accessibility. Visit for more information.

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TASS International Prius test Helmond 01
TASS International Prius test Helmond 02
Mobility center control room
  • TASS International Prius test Helmond 01
  • TASS International Prius test Helmond 02
  • Mobility center control room