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TASS International was established from five independent automotive TNO subsidiaries. These companies emerged as ‘spin-offs’ or ‘spin-outs’ from TNO activities and operated independently under TNO Companies B.V.

The supplementary business propositions of these five independent divisions - Software Development, Homologations, Safety Center, Powertrain Center and Mobility Center - result in a complete offering of safe, green and smart mobility solutions.


In our accredited and independent test centres, we provide the final and independent verification of your product’s compliance against worldwide standards. Fully equipped facilities for certification of safety belts, child restrain systems, helmets, anti-theft systems, combustion engines

Safety Center

Safety Center is the leading European center for vehicle safety engineering and passive safety testing. Fully equipped facilities for testing of a whole range of automotive applications, both indoor and outdoor. From vehicle components to complete passenger cars, buses and trucks up to a gross weight of 22 tons.

Mobility Center

World-exclusive real-life test-track (A270 in Helmond, Netherlands) for integrated vehicle safety systems, cooperative driving systems and autonomous driving systems with the aim to reduce traffic congestion, increase road safety and air quality.

With our combined offering we are able to offer a wide range of automotive products and services, varying from simulation software to electric vehicle, whole vehicle and component crash testing to homologation services.By connecting our unique competences and knowlegde, we are driving innovation in mobility. 

Our history goes back a decade and starts at TNO (Netherlands’ Organization for Applied Research). TNO is the Netherlands' independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. 

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