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Accurate data, fast results and controlled development costs. These are the most important aims in crash testing vehicles, components and safety systems. The Safety Center is able to meet these goals for you. We offer fully equipped facilities to perform tests on a whole range of automotive applications, both indoor and outdoor. From vehicle components or even aircraft parts via passenger cars to buses and trucks up to a gross weight of 22 tons.

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  • One-stop-shop for passive safety systems crash tests
  • Effective solutions based on years of experience
  • Fast results via parallel testing
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Up-to-date knowledge
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Furniture crash tested in air

Bas van Boxtel, Technical Manager, Sapa Pole Products

" We produce aluminum lighting columns according to EN 40-6. We offer impact-direction-independent solutions from HE3 to NE3, and everything in between, for any purpose. For any combination of preferred column height, speed-limits, foundation and possible secondary hazards we offer the best choice of solutions. To improve road safety, we carried out crash tests according to EN 12767. The latest development, which has been tested at TASS International, was a special one: our redesigned NE3 (70NE3 and 100NE3). To eliminate all uncertainties due to ground interactions, we tested the lighting column without any support from soil. We therefore removed the 50m3 of earth from the test location and installed a special construction to test our 15m column surrounded with a concrete prefab TOAD in the air!! Based on only the inertia of the added TOAD we achieved NE3 again, confirmed by the mandatory CE certification of it by TÜV Rheinland LGA. This combination is no longer dependent on the surrounding backfill or on variables such as groundwater level etc. We can conclude that the pole will perform even better than tested in all practical cases, as there’s always something more supportive than air when the columns are installed in-situ. Many compliments to TASS International for their outstanding performance and for all of the extra measures they took above and beyond the minimum requirements. Thanks! "

Field of expertise

  • Frontal impact tests
  • Side impact tests
  • Rollover tests
  • Whiplash tests
  • Pedestrian head impact tests
  • Heavy vehicle tests

  • Sign post tests
  • Lighting column tests
  • Truck-mounted attenuators
  • Safety barrier tests
  • Aircraft parts safety tests

Full scale crash testing

This facility offers the entire range of testing capabilities necessary to cover all existing legal and customer-specific requirements. We perform frontal, side and rear impact tests, vehicle-to-vehicle tests with cars, trucks and buses and rollover tests. On our outdoor proving ground we test road furniture like lighting columns and guardrails, for which we are one of the accredited test centres.

inverse crash sled testing

Inverse crash sled

Our inverse crash sled is a simulator designed to test occupant restraint systems, vehicle and aircraft seats and all other interior vehicle components, either in subcomponent- or full body-in-white-testing. An innovative propulsion system allows the set up of the most complex tests, such as whiplash testing or side impact simulation. Closed loop acceleration control assures an optimum quality of pulse adaptation with outstanding frequency response and repeatability. With payloads up to 3.000 kg we can cover the complete range from passenger cars to fully equipped truck or bus cabins.

Laboratory for pedestrian & interior protection and components

This highly advanced testing resource is dedicated to both vehicle front structure impact tests with head, lower- and upper-leg-forms and to impact tests within the vehicle interior. We realise an outstanding accuracy in impact speed, target hit and reproducibility, and are able to analyse your test results within minutes. The component testing area allows for roof and door intrusion tests, knee impact tests against instrument panels, and static airbag deployment tests for out-of-position assessment. We can accommodate many more variations on your specific request.

impact testing
safety barrier testing

Road furniture

Adequate performance of road furniture is one of the key elements to ensure overall road safety. Lighting columns, road restraint systems and other equipment must comply with best engineering practice. With the increase of harmonised standards and compulsory product certification (CE) this business field is getting more demanding.  We provide all the necessary knowledge to guide you through the process, from test to certification.

Special Testing Services

Over thirty years of international safety research, development and testing for all renowned OEMs and TIER-suppliers, form the foundation of our expertise. Strongly supported by simulation tools, we can facilitate all stages of a vehicle development process: from basic component tests to complete vehicle or system integration and compliance programmes. With our equipment our staff can handle nearly every kind of impact in standard or customer specific conditions.