All-in-one solution for tyre modelling

All-in-one tyre model
Cost efficient
Unique Magic Formula


The tyre is a complex and difficult to understand component, which has a most significant effect on the behaviour of any vehicle. Describing the tyre performance is difficult, but necessary in the automotive area, where simulation becomes more and more an important part of designing and testing.

Integral tyre modelling solution

Based on the renowned Magic Formula and tyre modelling theory developed by prof. Pacejka, Delft Tyre is a range of products and services to model tyre behaviour for vehicle dynamic simulations. Delft Tyre provides an integral, cost efficient and fast tyre modelling for al simulation applications. The tyre models are used for research and product development at passenger car, truck, motorcycle and aviation OEMs worldwide.

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Tyre model creation

In the second phase the measurement data is converted to input parameters for the tyre model. The software tool called MF-Tool is used in this phase. MF-Tool also allows the user to study the effects of changing tyre conditions such as tyre inflation pressure, friction level, cornering stiffness, by the automatic scaling of tyre properties known from our experience in tyre testing.

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