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As of September of 2017, TASS International has been integrated into Siemens Digital Industries Software. As part of the integration process, Delft-Tyre has become part of the Siemens Simcenter portfolio, the product has been renamed to Simcenter Tire and the product webpage has been incorporated in the Siemens global website. You find the Simcenter Tire product page here.

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New Software Delivery Method

Simcenter Tire can be downloaded from the Siemens Digital Industries download site. In order to access the new software delivery site, you will need to create a ‘WebKey’ account. A WebKey account is a custom account that uses an authentication scheme to control access and guarantee the privacy of all your data.

Creating a WebKey account and accessing your software is as simple as following the three steps below;
1. To create a WebKey account, you will need two items; your customer ‘SoldTo ID’ and your ‘WebKey Access Code’, both of which can be found below.
2. With these two items, you can create your WebKey account clicking here.
3. Once you have your WebKey account activated, you can download your software here.

Should you require assistance for your WebKey account creation, please do not hesitate to contact the in-country assistance via our Global Support Numbers.

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