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Delft-Tyre: MF-Tool

MF-Tool allows the user to study the effects of changing tyre conditions such as tyre inflation pressure, friction level, cornering stiffness, by the automatic scaling of tyre properties known from TNO's experience in tyre testing. MF-Tool offers the possibility to calculate your MF-tyre and MF-swift model parameters out of your own measurement data. We have developed a user-friendly environment for processing tyre test data towards the required datasets. MF-Tool Swift as part of MF-Tool makes it possible to generate datasets which are specifically designed for the use in our tyre model MF-Swift. Fitting MF-Swift datasets with MF-Tool usually requires more input from measurements or knowledge of the tyre. If the user doesn't have this knowledge or measurement results, we are ready to support in any way possible.

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Raw measurement data can be hard to handle if you do not have the proper knowledge of identifying tyre model parameters. This is why we have developed a module for dataset management, called MF-Tool. MF-Tool is not only able to translate TYDEX files into user defined datasets (parameter identification or "fitting"), it is also possible to visualize and tune/modify/optimize the datasets.


  • Fully backwards compatible with all MF-Tyre/MF-Swift Models
  • Graphical representation of measurement data and tyre models
  • Built-in tyre model parameter estimation
  • Database to store large numbers of tyre models and measurement data
  • Compatible with worldwide tyre measurement standards

MF-Tool also gives the user the opportunity to create his own "virtual tyre" by modifying tyre properties based on standard tyre model parameters or measured data. Due to the flexible Tyre Property File generator an efficient communication of the tyre model parameters between MF-Tool and any simulation software has been achieved.

MF-Tool runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32 & 64-bits), required diskspace is 400 Mb with a screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 (19” monitor is recommended). The MF-Tool licensing policy is based on an annual subscription to the software. This includes full Maintenance, Support and Upgrades. Customers are supported by a global support team and receive regular software updates with new features. Both stand-alone and floating licenses are available.