Combining active and passive safety

Covering all aspects from sensors to control algorithms and injuries


Integrated Safety

Effects of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on passive safety:
Is your occupant still in position for optimal passive restraint system performance?
Did you get the maximum safety potential out of your passive safety system?

Driver support and comfort:
Can your system keep the occupant in control of the vehicle during drastic vehicle dynamics?

While the market is rapidly creating diverse safety solutions, the complexity in actually realising safety increases. Active safety systems such as electric seatbelt retractors, crash avoidance manoeuvres and automatic braking have benefits but effect occupant behaviour and their body positions as well, thus creating possible hazardous situations. The power of safety systems lies within integration between active and passive safety systems. Sensors, controllers, data interpretation and intervention protocols have to work seamlessly and benefit the body position of the occupant to optimize safety and performance. 

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Integrated Safety V-cycle
integrated safety algorithm development
Frontal pre-crash braking application
  • Integrated Safety V-cycle
  • Frontal pre-crash braking application



MADYMO is the worldwide standard software for analysing and optimizing occupant safety designs. It is without rival for its accuracy, efficiency and versatility.

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PreScan provides a physics-based simulation platform to prototype, test and validate your new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and connected vehicle systems (V2X). Test and validate your Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Aumatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems.

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Delft-Tyre is able to simulate the tyre properties and performance, enabling accurate vehicle simulations.

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Crash Testing

Fully equipped facilities to perform tests on a whole range of automotive applications, both indoor and outdoor. From vehicle components or even aircraft parts via passenger cars to buses and trucks up to a gross weight of 22 tons.

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Vehicle Hardware-in-the-loop

Vehicle Hardware in the Loop, in short VeHIL, allows developers to test and evaluate the functionality of a complete vehicle, as well as its subsystems and sensors, in controlled yet realistic circumstances.

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