Worldwide standard in occupant safety

Short CPU times
Validated and accurate simulations
Extensive suite of dummy and human models
Version 7.7 release

Cost-effective safety design software

MADYMO is the worldwide standard software for analysing and optimizing occupant safety designs. It is without rival for its accuracy, efficiency and versatility.

Using MADYMO, researchers and engineers can model, thoroughly analyse and optimize safety designs early in the development process. This reduces the expense and time involved in building and testing prototypes. Adopting MADYMO also minimises the risk of making design changes late in the development phase. For new or improved vehicle models and components, MADYMO cuts cost and reduces the time-to-market substantially.

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MADYMO Coupling

PSA Peugeot Citroën

" With the usage of coupling, PSA managed to gain considerable time saving in vehicle developments. The Radioss-MADYMO coupling solution enables PSA to use the same MADYMO dummy and restraint models in occupant safety analysis as well as in the RADIOSS structural analysis. This removed the need to create intermediate FE models of the restraint system, which has lead to reduced development time and higher confidence in simulation results. "

MADYMO Product Suite


The MADYMO Solver is a flexible multi-physics simulation engine that uniquely combines the capabilities of multibody (MB), finite element (FE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in a single CAE solver. This makes the MADYMO Solver a highly efficient tool for design and analysis of complex dynamic systems.

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Dummy Models

Years of research and development has led to the creation of the most extensive database of crash test dummy models available. MADYMO Dummy Models are famously accurate and also renowned for their computational speed, robustness and user-friendliness.

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Human Models

MADYMO human models are CPU efficient, biofidelic and well validated. They provide a tool set capable of human response prediction for a broad range of loading conditions no physical crash test dummy exists for. Recently the MADYMO human model portfolio is extended with so-called active human models, in which spine joint restraints and muscles combine passive stiffness characteristics and active control to realistically represent responses of living human beings.

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MADYMO Workspace is a suite of pre- and post-processing applications for the creation and modification of MADYMO models and for analysis of the simulation results. The applications contain dedicated tools for occupant restraint analysis such as a seatbelt fitting module and automated extraction of NCAP star ratings.

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Education & Science

MADYMO is used in the scientific community to analyze complex scientific problems where the seamless combination of rigid body mechanics, finite elements and computational fluid dynamics allows for detailed yet efficient analysis. This page gives an overview of recent scientific publications in which MADYMO plays a key role.

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Here you can find information what is new in the latest MADYMO release.

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Here you can find experimental tools that proved useful but were not included in the regular MADYMO distribution.

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Image Gallery

MADYMO Human model
Out of position simulations
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