Multibody & Finite Element solver



The MADYMO Solver is a flexible multi-physics simulation engine that uniquely combines the capabilities of multibody (MB), finite element (FE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in a single CAE solver. This makes the MADYMO Solver a highly efficient tool for design and analysis of complex dynamic systems.

The system-based approach of MADYMO input decks uses a modular structure that enables easy exchange of modelling techniques for any system component. A system component that is initially modelled with multibody in the concept design phase can easily be exchanged with a FE representation later in the design process when more detailed information about the deformations of the component is needed. 

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  • Fast & accurate simulations
  • Works in combination with 3rd party solvers
  • State-of-the-art restraint system simulation techniques
  • Extensive suite of occupant & dummy models

Three solvers in one

MB - rigid body dynamics

Multibody (MB) systems can be described as rigid or deformable bodies, interconnected by kinematic joints. Geometrical, material and contact properties can be assigned to the bodies to capture the physics of the system modelled. This computationally fast method of modelling complex dynamic systems is particularly well suited for performing large parametric design studies.

FE - finite element analysis

MADYMO’s explicit transient finite element (FE) solver includes an extensive selection of element definitions, material models, and contact algorithms. MADYMO FE allows for detailed modelling of deformable structures inside the occupant compartment, such as seatbelt, airbag, seat and trim.

CFD - computational fluid dynamics

Engineers use MADYMO’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module to carry out detailed modeling of the flow of fluids, such as gas flowing inside a deploying airbag. MADYMO Gasflow is used to simulate Out-of-Position events where injuries can result from contact between the occupant and a deploying airbag.

MADYMO Coupling

MADYMO can be interfaced MATLAB and with the FE structural codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS. This enables engineers to use MADYMO crash test dummies, which to date remain the fastest and most accurate dummy models available, in their preferred FE code. The MATLAB coupling also allow engineers to include control algorithms and evaluate their effects on the restraint system.

Finite element codes are commonly used to predict the vehicle deformations during a crash. These codes can predict complex deformations accurately, but are extremely computationally expensive. The design of occupant restraint systems requires that many different variables are analyzed, resulting in hundreds to thousands of simulation runs. To do this in a timely manner requires fast simulations, so MADYMO is typically used for this.

The coupling of MADYMO with FE codes enables safety designers to embed MADYMO models of the dummy and restraint system in their preferred FE crash code. At each time step of the simulation run the coupling interface is used to exchange information between MADYMO and the FE crash code on the forces resulting from the interaction between components modelled in the different codes (e.g. the MADYMO dummy model and the door trim modelled in FE). The combined result of the calculations performed in MADYMO and the FE crash code can be visualized and post-processed in a single graphical tool. Today, coupling is available between MADYMO and LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS. You can find more detailled information on the partner solver versions and platforms we support in this coupling overview

  • Time savings:
    By coupling MADYMO to their prefered FE code, car makers have been able to validate their structural and safety system designs together, without the need for any additional modelling. Since this coupling approach allows the use of a MADYMO dummy model in both the restraint design and the verification of the full vehicle, this approach also leads to a consistent assessment of the safety performance throughout the entire development process.   

    One European vehicle OEM which has adopted the coupling approach has seen a 25 percent drop in the time taken to conduct whole vehicle safety system validations as a direct result of the reduced modelling overhead by using a MADYMO dummy model in both the restraint design and the verification of the full vehicle. Another carmaker was so impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of the coupling approach that it has changed its supplier requirements, eliminating the need for model data to be delivered in its native FE platform.
  • Cost savings:
    The new MADYMO token licensing system makes coupling particularly cost effective. In the coupling approach, the MADYMO solver does not use a license (if only the dummy is used) and customers only pay for the dummy model, giving a customer access to all of our thoroughly validated dummies in all FEcrash codes. This system is of particular use for suppliers who may deal with different customers, each with their own preferred FE modelling environment.
  • Ease-of-Use:
    Coupling Assistant is a dedicated graphical tool - part of the MADYMO Workspace suite - to enable FE code experts to include a MADYMO model (such as a dummy model) in their FE model without having to learn the details of MADYMO. It also reduces the time required to embed MADYMO models in a FE environment.

Models and utilities included

The MADYMO installation package includes an extensive and well-validated suite of dummy and impactor models and human body models. The MADYMO installation package also includes a set of solver and model related utilities. These utilities include MADYMO Folder, Tank Test Analysis (MTA) and Cold Gas Inflator (CGI) to support the modelling of airbags. For dummy and human model scaling, MADYMO Scaler and Body Generator (GEBOD) are supplied. For model/design optimisation MADYMO Optimizer is included. Also sample applications and extensive documentation on solver, models and utilities are part of the package. MADYMO software is supplied to customers per user-protected download.

Licensing and support

The MADYMO licensing policy is based on an annual subscription to the software. This includes technical support and product upgrades. MADYMO Solver can be used through module licensing as well as token licensing, where MADYMO Tokens are valid for MADYMO Solver as well as for all (dummy) models and Workspace applications. Both stand-alone (node-locked) and network (floating) licenses are available. The MADYMO Solver runs on Windowsand Linux systems. Technical support is offered through our local MADYMO support teams.

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