MADYMO Workspace

MADYMO Workspace is a suite of pre- and post-processing applications for the creation and modification of MADYMO models and for analysis of the simulation results. The applications contain dedicated tools for occupant restraint analysis such as a seatbelt fitting module and automated extraction of NCAP star ratings.

  • Pre-processing
    The Workspace products helps the MADYMO user to easily set up and handle MADYMO models. Direct MADYMO XML input deck editing as well as graphical model manipulation is supported. Intuitive user interfacing facilitates MADYMO modelling for less experienced simulation engineers as well as for expert crash safety engineers that want to use MADYMO in co-simulation with FE crash codes. Pre-processing functionality also includes dedicated occupant safety features such as dummy positioning and seat belt fitting tools.
  • Post -processing
    Workspace post-processing functionality covers generic functionality for animation display, contour and graph plotting. Besides this, also more advanced and specialised functionality is included, such as energy flow analysis and signal-to-signal correlation rating. Dedicated occupant safety features include SAE signal filtering, injury criteria calculation and complete crash safety protocol rating and reporting.

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All the workspace tools operate under a single license so there is no need buy the tools seperate. This allows the user to have access to all the benefits the suite offers.


  • Dedicated pre- & post-processors
  • All tools are available using one license
  • Timesaver tools for most common tasks


XMADgic is a dedicated XML editor for preparing MADYMO models. XMADgic comes with a 3D viewer that provides immediate visual feedback on the changes the user makes in the MADYMO model. Furthermore, XMADgic comes with the belt fitter and the joint manipulation tool that allows easy positioning of a dummy model and subsequent fitting of a seatbelt on it. To allow the user to check the model against errors and build models according to company guidelines, XMADgic allows access to theRule-based Checker.

  • Dedicated XML editor for MADYMO preprocessing
  • Interactive graphical viewer
  • MADYMO model validation
  • Dummy model positioning + seat belt creation & fitting

Coupling Assistant

Coupling Assistant enables FE code experts to include a MADYMO model (e.g. a dummy) in their FE model without having to learn the details of MADYMO.

  • Preprocessor for MADYMO in co-simulation with other FE codes
  • Fully graphical interface – no need for XML editing 
  • Wizard for MADYMO dummy model positioning
  • Wizard for MADYMO seat belt fitting

Exchange + Exchange Assistant

Exchange is a graphical tool that enables the assembly and modification of MADYMO models in a controlled environment without the need to understand the details of a MADYMO input deck. Model components can be exchanged very easily from a model database. The checks and balances built into the tool ensure the entry of reasonable and appropriate values.

  • Easy MADYMO modeling without MADYMO experience
  • Easy components exchange using model database
  • Automated routines to reduce pre-processing time 
  • GUI & batch mode subroutine execution


MADPost can be used to visualise and analyse the results from a MADYMO simulation to enable design engineers to optimise restraint system performance very efficiently. You can even visualise and analyse the absorption and flow of energy between the restraint system and the occupant in detail. 

  • MADYMO dedicated post-processor
  • Viewers for movies, kinematics, contour & curve plots 
  • Readers for several test & simulation output data formats
  • Visualization of energy dissipation & flow in MADYMO models

Protocol Rating

Protocol Rating can generate scores for consumer safety protocols such as Euro NCAP, US-NCAP, C-NCAP and JNCAP and regulatory safety protocols such as ECE R94, ECE R95, FMVSS 208 and FMVSS 214. 

  • Presentation and reporting of vehicle safety protocol ratings
  • Rating generation from MADYMO dummy output or user input
  • Many safety protocols (a.o. Euro NC AP, US NC AP, ECE & FMVSS)
  • GUI & batch mode execution

Please watch a demo video about Protocol Rating in the video gallery.

Objective Rating

Objective Rating is the tool to quantify correlation between signal responses from physical tests and simulation results.

  • Tool for quantifying & rating signal correlation
  • Multiple rating criteria & weighted rating combination
  • Readers for several test & simulation output data formats
  • Intuitive matrix display + reporting in html & odt formats
  • GUI & batch mode execution