What's new in MADYMO?


MADYMO 7.7 & Workspace 7.7

On this webpage you can find information on what has been updated in MADYMO in the latest release as well as in the Workspace updates. Please contact us if you need more information.

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You can download the software in our protected download site which you can find under the support menu.


  • Import of 3D models in XMADgic for Accident Reconstruction
  • Airbag mesh scaler
  • Speed improvements for rigid FE models
  • Injury calculations for THOR model
  • Hybrid-III 50% model with improved correlation to test data
  • Active Human models for driver and passenger
  • Integrated Safety application model

MADYMO Workspace

MADYMO Workspace V7.7 contains the following new features.


  • XML file window split
  • Saving a nested Include File under another name
  • Duplicates check for entity lists
  • Validity Check on element SWITCH.LOGIC
  • XML Reformatter enhancements
  • Snap to FEM node while measuring
  • Import 3D Models
  • Displaying the reference position of an FE_MODEL
  • New Airbag Mesh Scaler
  • DEFINE parsing update
  • Rating tools can be started from XMADgic
  • Improvements to the Run Details dialog box
  • Automatic resizing when editing TABLE content


  • User-adaptable cutting edge colour

Coupling Assistant

  • Automatic transferal of LOAD.SYSTEM_ACC
  • Bug fix to the /RUN line in the 0001.rad file


  • Support of Airbag Reference State keywords

Protocol Rating

  • Support for THOR outputs


MADYMO Solver V7.7 contains the following new features:

  • Parameterization of INCLUDE file names, e.g. FILE=“#BASE_ref.xml”, where BASE is specified in a DEFINE
  • Speed improvements for rigid FE models
  • Mooney-Rivlin parameter change
  • Failed element contact enhancements
  • Injury calculations for THOR model (BrIC, Abdomen compression, Tibia bending moment)
  • Scalability improvement for MPP calculations (also improves speed of Coupling)
  • OPERATOR.DELAY memory handling improvement
  • Enhancement of the accuracy of KN3 animation files
  • A new sensor to measure the distance between 2 FE models: SENSOR.SURFACE_FE_FE
Further details on numerous bug fixes and upgrades in external libraries can be found in the Release Notes.

MADYMO Occupant Models

MADYMO V7.7 contains the improvements to the following occupant models:

  • Frontal Impact Dummies
    • Hybrid-III 5th female - ellipsoid v1.5.1
    • Hybrid-III 5th female - facet v2.4.1
    • Hybrid-III 50th male - ellipsoid v2.0
    • Hybrid-III 95th male - ellipsoid v1.3
    • Hybrid-III 95th male - facet v1.0.6
    • THOR 50th male - ellipsoid v2.0.2
  • Child Dummies
    • Q10 – ellipsoid v2.1
  • Human Body models
    • Active Human 50th male - facet v2.0
    • Active Human 50th male - second facet v2.0
    • Human occupant 5th female - facet v3.4
    • Human occupant 5th female - facet scalable v2.12
  • Subsystems
    • EEVC leg form impactor – ellipsoid & FE v5.3
  • Applications
    • Integrated Safety – human pre- & in-crash v2.1

Previous releases of MADYMO

The MADYMO product suite is updated at regular intervals. Check out previous releases and their content.

The MADYMO product suite consists of the following products: Solver (stand alone and coupling), Dummy, Human and Pedestrian models and a set of dedicated pre- and post processing tools.