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IAA Cars 2015 big success for TASS International !

From September 15th until September 18th TASS International has been exhibiting its latest offerings on Automated Driving technology and Integrated Safety methodology at the International Motor Show (IAA) Cars, the leading trade show for the international supply industry.

The TASS International booth attracted many international visitors who were interested in the latest developments of Automated Driving systems. The TASS representatives were open for discussion with the booth visitors, but also established contact with representatives from other suppliers present at this leading trade show to discuss future business.

At its booth TASS International demonstrated the capabilities of a Vehicle-in-the-Loop (ViL) system where a white Toyota Prius vehicle (and an ADAS ECU) acts as hardware-in-the-loop and PreScan software for scenario generation and sensor modelling. In addition, an Oculus Rift virtual reality display connected to the PreScan software showed the virtual scenario used in the DiL setup.

As TASS International has organized its tool sets for application development under the "V-cycle" methodology two large boards were displayed at walls about Automated Driving technology and Integrated Safety methodology using the V-cycle framework. Besides these boards two custom made movies were shown with various products and services offered by TASS International related to Automated Driving and Integrated Safety.

Click to view the Automated Driving movie shown at IAA Cars 2015.

Click to view the Integrated Safety movie shown at IAA Cars 2015.

Finally the CEO of TASS International - Jan van den Oetelaar - shared his vision on Automated Driving and E-mobility during a talkshow from automanager.TV at the IAA.

Click to view Jan van den Oetelaar's vision or view the full talkshow with TomTom's Vice President and NXP's Chief Technology Officer as well.

Read more information on the benefits of Automated Driving and TASS International's Cooperative Mobility services and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing services.

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TASS International Prius at IAA2015 booth - small