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Lelystad Airport Businesspark, Applus+ IDIADA and TASS International join forces on new Automated and Connected Driving test facility at Lelystad Airport Businesspark

LELYSTAD, The Netherlands, April 8th: Lelystad Airport Businesspark, Applus+ IDIADA and TASS International announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for jointly developing an international test area for Automated Driving and Intelligent Transport Systems next to Lelystad Airport in The Netherlands. By combining Applus+ IDIADA’s experience in vehicle development and testing, together with the simulation software tool suite and real-world testing services of TASS International, the new test facility will offer a nearly complete range of test scenarios in The Netherlands ready to develop the next generation of automated and connected driving systems. 

The new test facility at Lelystad Airport Businesspark will contain a mix of traditional and state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as a mix of road users, speed limits, densities and scenarios. This mix will offer a unique chance to test in a (semi) controlled environment. Lelystad Airport Businesspark and its surroundings will be an international testing area for automated driving and Intelligent Transport Systems with a focus on urban and two-way road testing (low/medium speed). The test facility extends the already impressive testing locations in The Netherlands and enforces the Dutch ambition to serve as a Living Lab for the validation and deployment of automated and connected driving systems.

About Applus+ IDIADA

With over 25 years of history, Applus+ IDIADA is a leading engineering company providing design, testing, engineering and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide. Applus+ IDIADA counts with more than 2,000 engineers specialised in vehicle development drawn from over 28 different countries. The headquarters, composed by a 360-hectares main technical center which includes its own proving ground and a comprehensive set of laboratories, is located near Barcelona, Spain. The company also has an international network of subsidiaries and branch offices in 24 countries which ensure that their clients receive fast and customised services.

Maarten Brems
+32 27 190 24 5
+32 47 111 20 20

About Lelystad Airport Businesspark

Lelystad Airport Businesspark (LAB) is a  sustainable and innovative  businesspark next to Lelystad  Airport (subsidiary company of Schiphol) . On this businesspark of 140 ha we offer entrepeneurs a smart and sustainable soil to build on. It’s not surpisingly that large firms like ABB, Eneco, Liander and large universities already are a part of this development.  LAB  stimulates urban, economic and social innovation and offer entrepeneurs opportunities  to create and test their new products and ideas. We are especially attractive to logistics companies, ICT companies, the automotive industry, r&d companies, hotels and other leisure developments.  Lelystad Airport Businesspark is home to companies like Donkervoort, the European HQ of Giant and The Dutch Bank.

Serge Hollander
+31 32 082 02 16
+31 20 820 08 05

About TASS International

TASS International is a private business entity that supports the global transport industry to develop safer, greener and more intelligent vehicles by providing innovative software products, state-of-the-art testing facilities and cost-effective engineering solutions. TASS International is a global company that serves its customers from offices and facilities at 11 locations around the world with over 200 employees. The headquarters are located in Helmond, including many laboratory facilities such as the first-of-its-kind test facility on the A270 public highway in The Netherlands to support large-scale outdoor testing of automated and connected cars.  The vision of TASS International is that every vehicle which has been brought to market in 2020 has been developed using a TASS International development methodology.

Gwen van Vugt
+31 88 8277 120
+31 63 0493 478


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