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PreScan software-driven team Halmstad University wins Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016 !

At the Automotive Campus on May 28th and 29th the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) 2016 took place. Ten student teams from Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Latvia and The Netherlands have competed on the A270 highway between Helmond and Eindhoven (The Netherlands) using self-driving vehicles which communicated with each other and the infrastructure.
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The GCDC event is one of the highlights of the i-GAME (=Interoperable GCDC AutoMation Experience) project, a European Commission supported research project that takes cooperative automation of vehicles to the next level, and speeds up the implementation of automated driving technology and standardization of communication systems and channels. The participants in the i-GAME project are TNO, Eindhoven University of Technology, Viktoria Swedish ICT and Applus+ IDIADA while TASS International provided Automated Driving technology as a Technology Sponsor. 
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Researchers of autonomous vehicles often use their own test track and their own cars so therefore the organization of GCDC deliberately chose for a challenge on a public road using interactions with other (types and brands of) cars and the road surface. 

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During the challenge the teams were assessed using points on teamwork, communication and performance of three different traffic scenarios: automatic merging on the highway, cooperatively crossing an intersection and automatically making room for an emergency vehicle. 

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The teams were using trucks and regular passenger cars all equipped with dedicated hardware and software to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure such as traffic lights. Within the control room the GCDC organisation closely monitored the positions and speeds of the autonomous vehicles during the various scenarios to guarantee the safety of the teams. 

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The students of the winning team of Halmstad University acclaimed their extensive usage of the PreScan software for testing their automated vehicle in the various traffic scenarios. TASS International will follow up with the winning team to discuss their feedback and ideas.

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GCDC2016 at Automotive Campus finished