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PreScan V7.6 now available for download !

The Highly Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan has now been released with brand-new and updated functionality!

The latest release V7.6 is now available for download on our protected download area (login required). Read the detailed release information on the New in PreScan page.

PreScan V7.6 contains the following highlights:

A new Vissim Traffic Simulation plug-in has been released. TASS International has a partnership with the market leader in traffic simulation PTV Group and has developed an interface to enable cooperation and data transfer between the PreScan software and the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim. This plug-in for PreScan enables users to re-create road traffic generated by Vissim in a PreScan simulation (see video below). Furthermore:

  • The vehicles under test are controlled by PreScan and can be added to a Vissim simulation
  • The traffic vehicles are controlled by Vissim
  • The traffic interacts with all PreScan vehicles

The existing Physics-Based Camera plug-in has been updated with several features:

  • Several material improvements such as pre-defined materials, configuration of RGB colors on materials, reflections and retro reflections
  • Various lightning improvements such as support for more lights, a new set of Spectral Power Definitions (SPD) for vehicle and street lights, and increased performance
  • Many new traffic signs, new matrix signs with support for multiple SPDs and LED blinking, and improved Dutch and German traffic signs

The existing V2X communications plug-in has been updated:

  • A new physics-based communication model is available
  • The BSM, CAM, DENM and generic message types can be fine-tuned
  • The Matlab/Simulink V2X output is completely typed

New and updated models for usage in PreScan scenarios such as a DAF truck, a Volvo truck, a Toyota Prius actor, Lexus actors and pedestrian models.

New PreScan models

New PreScan models 02

For more information about the Highly Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan visit our PreScan product page, the main features and interfaces on the PreScan Features page and for real-world applications such as Automated Driving, Connected Driving or Hardware-in-the-Loop testing visit the PreScan Applications page. Or read about our services in Cooperative Mobility and our visions on Cooperative Driving and Automated Driving.

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