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Simcenter Madymo release 7.8

With the improved core of the code, Simcenter Madymo solver run times can be reduced by 28%, compared to the previous version. A typical crash analysis in Simcenter Madymo may take about 15-20 minutes whilst the same in a Finite Element (FE) code could take several hours. When using the Active Human Model, the simulation time of a 3 second event will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Additional benefits of the Simcenter Madymo 7.8 release:
• Thor model is significantly improved, certified to the latest NHTSA requirements and is available in US-NCAP and Euro-NCAP variants
• Hybrid III family has been updated with the latest injury criteria
• Active Human Model has been extended with new features (active shoulder control, strength scaling and unconsciousness modelling)

For more information about the Madymo 7.8 release click here or/and visit our MADYMO product page.

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Madymo Active Human Model