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Successful user conference held in China

On December 2nd, 2016 the 12th Automotive Safety Technical Meeting of TASS International took place in Shanghai, China. The user conference was very successfully organized by the Chinese office of TASS International and was well attended by more than 100 engineers. During the conference several keynote speeches were given as well as presentations about the current status and future development roadmaps of the MADYMO (crash safety), PreScan (ADAS and active safety) and Delft-Tyre (vehicle dynamics) software packages of TASS International.
Furthermore, seven papers were presented using the MADYMO software in various crash safety applications and seven papers about the PreScan software in active safety applications. The two Awards for Outstanding Papers were won by SAIC Motor Corporation (MADYMO paper) and Delphi China Technical Center (PreScan paper).
For visitors interested in the latest advancements of Hardware-in-the-Loop setups using PreScan software TASS International together with National Instruments China had built a HiL kit for demonstration purposes.
Read more information on MADYMO (the worldwide standard software for analysing and optimising occupant safety designs), PreScan (simulation platform for virtual design and validation of active safety and Highly Automated Driving systems) and Delft-Tyre (vehicle dynamic simulations). Or read more information on Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) setups using the PreScan software.

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