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TASS International hosts seminar about CRS Development

What is the most efficient method to develop a CRS product that meets the latest safety requirements, whilst keeping the time-to-market as short as possible?
Code Product Solutions and TASS International combine their expertise to provide an answer.

The seminar is taking place on Wednesday the 19th of September, 2018 and will cover the latest insights into Child Restraint System development, with inspiring speakers and more:

  • Paul Gaudreau, UPPAbaby: From industrial design to final product
  • Ronald Vroman, ANEC: The development of Child Restraint Systems in the future
  • Hugo van Andel and Gerben van den Oord, Code Product Solutions: The practical implementation of an innovative co-development approach; bringing your ideas to life
  • Richard Lancashire, TASS International: Safer and faster CRS design using MADYMO
  • A tour through the CRS test track at TASS International


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