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TASS International offers tyre models at reduced price rates

TASS International, a Siemens business, has launched a campaign, offering tyre property files for vehicle dynamics simulations at price rates up to 70% lower than usual.

Describing the tyre performance is a challenging but necessary task in the automotive area, where simulation becomes of increasing importance during the vehicle development. TASS International has a rich history of tyre modelling, based on the renowned MF-Tyre/MF-Swift models and on-road tyre testing. With its Tyre Test Trailer, TASS is able to brings tyre testing right where it belongs; on the road. Based on these physical tyre tests, performed on a selection of the most popular tyres in the world, TASS can deliver the corresponding tyre property files and offers them online via the webpage The tyre models are offered on a non-exclusive basis. A special request to develop unique tyre model is also possible. Applications are accepted until April 30st, 2018.

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