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TASS International releases PreScan V8.0, available in REAL-TIME

The release of PreScan V8.0 celebrates the culmination of a major architectural restructure, which paves the way to run our software on a real-time concurrent operating system. The new architecture will allow PreScan to provide support for more real-time platforms in the future and allow for expansion of current clustering capabilities.

With the introduction of PreScan V8.0 users can expect to see a run-time performance improvement of up to 40% when running experiments, compared to PreScan V7.6.

Furthermore, PreScan V8.0 also includes the New Model Preparation Tool (MPT), which enables users to import 3D model files for use in the PreScanTM environment and allows the addition of custom model features such as joints, joints groups, lights, etc.

Additional benefits of the PreScan V8.0 release:

  • Improved performance of the Depth Camera
  • Simulink accelerated mode is now supported
  • Windows 10 support
  • FlexLM Licensing has been upgraded to version 11.14. Upgrade the FlexLM licensing software first (download here) before running PreScan V8.0
  • General stability improvements

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Read the full list of new features and enhancements of PreScan V8.0, more general information about the Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan or request a free trial of PreScan.

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