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TASS International releases PreScan V8.2

PreScanTM continues to improve its physics-based simulation platform for ADAS and Automated Driving applications. The new 8.2 release introduces a new PreScanTM standalone target for Real-Time (PSRT) and cluster applications, adds import support of OpenDRIVE roads and has a new set of vehicle models with improved visual details and increased performance.

PreScanTM Standalone Target (PSRT)
PSRT can now be used to generate a zip-file with experiment content and allow users the flexibility to deploy PreScanTM experiments on different platforms / operating systems:

  • PSRT can run without Matlab / Simulink
  • PSRT can run on both Windows and Linux
  • PSRT can be used to run PreScanTM on cluster systems
  • PSRT can be used to run a fully standalone simulation on a Concurrent RedHawk system, including the PreScanTM sensor models

OpenDRIVE support
PreScanTM now has the first version of our OpenDRIVE road importer.

New Vehicle models in PreScanTM
All vehicle models in PreScanTM have been upgraded to have improved visuals and performance:

  • Improved visual details
  • Frame rates are up to 3 times faster when using a large number of vehicles
  • Level of Detail (LOD) technology is available on all vehicles

 Read the full list of new features and enhancements of PreScan V8.2, more general information about Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan or request a free trial of PreScan.

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