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Using simulation to validate development of Automated Driving systems presented at VDI Electronics in Vehicles

On October 19th and 20th, 2016 TASS International exhibited at the VDI Electronics in Vehicle (ELIV) marketplace in Baden-Baden, Germany. Hundreds of professionals ranging from engineer to senior manager visited the marketplace which was a combination of three events: electronics in passenger cars, electronics in commercial vehicles and electronics in agricultural vehicles. Many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers such as NXP, DAF Trucks, Daimler, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Bosch and Continental were present at these marketplaces.

At the second day Mr. Jürgen Schüling, Director Sales & Marketing of TASS International GmbH, presented the need to control an explosion of test effort which results from the increasing complexity of Automated Driving systems. He explained that the vision of TASS International is to develop safe Automated Driving systems with help of software tools that realistically simulate – using various sensor models – imported real-world scenarios for a robustness validation. 

ELIV2016 Baden-Baden event 01

At its exhibition booth TASS International used two complete driving simulators to demonstrate various Truck Platooning scenarios using the Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan. The Truck Platooning simulation runs 17 different views real-time (eight per driver and one helicopter view). This is possible due to the scalable architecture of PreScan, these views are distributed over two computers on a network. Visitors of the event were welcome to use one of the driving simulators and drive a truck part of the platoon. The human driver is able to take manual control of one of the trucks in the platoon and exit the platoon. The remaining platoon of trucks continues its pre-defined route. Alternatively, the human driver can also overtake the remaining platoon by becoming the new platoon leader. The following trucks automatically recognize the new platoon leader and join the new platoon headed by the human-driven truck. Also an emergency brake and a full acceleration of the platoon leader are automatically followed by the other platooning trucks. Such automated platooning trucks respond much faster than human drivers, enable more efficient and safer traffic, required less road capacity, consume less fuel and reduce less CO2 emissions.

ELIV2016 Baden-Baden event 02

For more information on the development of truck platooning algorithms read our Highly Automated Driving and ADAS physics-based simulation platform PreScan pages, read the vision of TASS International on Automated Driving and its vision on Cooperative Driving.

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