Application overview


PreScan Applications

PreScan is applied in a wide variety of engineering applications for advanced ADAS sensor systems and control systems. PreScan is also used for designing and evaluating vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication applications as well as autonomous driving applications. PreScan can be used from model-based controller design (MIL) to real-time tests with software-in-the-loop (SIL), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems or a driver-in-the-loop (DIL).

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ACC Stop & Go

Platform for virtual ADAS development

  • Advanced sensor simulation
  • Flexible traffic and world modelling
  • Virtual scenario databases
  • Open-loop and closed-loop applications
  • Automated parameter variation studies (Monte Carlo, Test automation)
PreScan night scene

Automated Driving

  • Virtual design of partly or fully automated vehicle systems
  • Sensor fusion for camera, radar, lidar, V2X radio, map data and more.
  • Laboratory development of automated vehicle systems using PreScan MIL/HIL
  • Intelligent traffic, bicylists and pedestrians
  • Ability to integrate injury prediction module (using MADYMO)
PreScan V2X

Connected Driving (V2X)

  • Virtual design of connected vehicle systems
  • DSRC antenna models with message sets (SAE J2735, ETSI)
  • Radio channel emulation and modeling
  • HIL testing radio units and application ECUs
  • Each vehicle and driver individually modelled

Protocol Testing

Standard scenario databases for

  • Euro NCAP for AEB
  • Euro NCAP for AEB Pedestrian
  • Euro NCAP for ISA
  • ISO for ACC
  • ISO for LDW 
  • NHTSA for LDW
  • ADAC for AEB

Real-world testing

  • Night driving with realistic light sources and reflection models
  • Adverse weather conditions with varying intensities of fog, rain and snow
  • Standard scenario databases for real-life use cases
    • AEB
    • AEB Pedestrian
    • ACC & Stop-and-Go
    • LDW & LKA
    • TSR & ISA
PreScan HIL

Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

  • ECU testing for ADAS and automated driving
  • Test your ECU signals with synthetic sensor signals
  • Real-time and scalable architecture
  • Integration with a.o. Mathworks, dSPACE, ETAS & OpalRT
  • Integration services for your legacy hardware systems and software models
Prescan driving simulator

Driver-in-the-Loop Testing

  • Driving simulators for ADAS and HMI studies
  • Real-time sensor simulation 
  • Accurate visualization
  • Flexible scenario definition
  • Interfacing to existing and new hardware (control ECU, sensor hardware and/or driving console)