Driver-in-the-Loop simulation


PreScan for Driving Simulators

Driving simulators for ADAS & HMI

Driver simulators play a significant role in the development and assessment of automotive systems. PreScan provides the required capabilities needed for advanced ADAS engineering applications such as accurate visualization, detailed sensor simulation and flexible scenario definition.

Sensor simulation with flexible scenario definition

TASS International has developed in cooperation with a leading German truck OEM an add-on kit module in which the PreScan visualization and synthetic sensors can be connected to existing driving simulator hardware and software (e.g. controls and vehicle dynamics).

Real-time & scalable architecture

The latest PreScan software contains a distributed and scalable architecture allowing for real-time simulation and interfacing to existing and new hardware (control ECU, sensor hardware and/or driving console) for HIL and driving simulator testing.

Integration services

TASS international delivers complete solutions for ADAS driving simulators including integration services to your existing simulation models and legacy driving simulator. 

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PreScan DIL
PreScan Driving Simulator

PreScan for Driving Simulator

Thomas Passegger, Truck Product Engineering, Daimler AG

"When upgrading our truck driving simulators for ADAS and HMI studies, we selected the PreScan software from TASS International for the world, scenario and sensor simulation. Its accurate sensor models and flexible scenario definition enable us to do active safety system analysis and HMI studies with a driver in the loop. Their engineering team did a great job connecting PreScan to our existing control and vehicle dynamics models."

PreScan for Human Factors research

Roel van Vroonhoven, Research Engineer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

"For Human Factors (HMI design and workload assessment) and ADAS research we use the PreScan software as a virtual environment and interface in our Driving Simulator. It allows to build a virtual world in an easy abd flexible manner; and allows us to assist TASS/DITCM while performing FOT’s on the A270. Its flexibility and the interface with Matlab/Simulink allows us to connect real-time to the different types of hardware.."