Feature highlights


PreScan features

PreScan provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for developing and testing ADAS sensor and control systems. This section provides an overview of the available functionalties such as sensor models, ground truth sensor models, scenario generation features, vehicle dynamic options, importers, available interfacing to 3rd party software and hardware.

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Sensor models

» Camera (mono and stereo)
» Fisheye camera
» Radar
» Laser and lidar
» Ultrasonic
» PMD / Time of Flight
» E-Horizon from HD-MAP  (under development)
V2V and V2I communication
        • DSRC antenna receivers (Rx) and transmitters (Tx)
        • Standard message sets (e.g. SAE J2735 BSM)
» Infrared (NIR)
» User-defined sensor models

PreScan radar modeling for ACC system in ISO scenario test

Ground truth sensors

» SELF sensor
(providing relevant object information for calibration of tracking and tracing algorithms)
» Depth camera
(providing depth values for calibration of stereo camera algorithms)
» Lane marker sensor
(providing lane and road information for calibration of lane warning or keeping systems)
» Bounding box sensor
(for calibration of object and pedestrian detection algorithms)

Example of usage of PreScan depth camera for calibration of stereo camera algorithm


» User-defined road network
(e.g. straight road, curved road, roundabout, crossings)
» 3D road segments and embankments
(e.g. sloping roads, hill roads, bridges, fly-overs and speed bumps)
» Road infrastructure
(e.g. lane markers, pedestrian crossings, traffic signs, traffic lights, light poles, matrix signs, guard rails)
» Road users
(e.g. cars, trucks, animated cyclists & pedestrians)
» Animated pedestrians with natural motion
(e.g. male, female and child, various lengths and sizes, carrying suitcase, umbrella, bagpack & bicycle)
» Database of buildings, trees & bushes
» Environmental conditions

(day & night conditions, different intensities of rain, fog and snow, dirt spots, street lighting)
» Lighting effects
(e.g. illumination, shadows, reflections)
» Light reflections from vehicle lights
(On wet roads, vehicle surfaces and reflective road objects)
 » Reflective road objects
(cat eyes, Botts'dots, guardrail reflectors, roadside poles)
» Test automation
(access to model parameters for use in test automation studies)

Night time scenario for pedestrian detection with glare from vehicle headlights and street light reflections

Manoeuvre control

» Open-loop maneuvres with prescribed motion
        • Flexible path and speed definition
        Standard scenario sets (EuroNCAP, ADAC, ISO, NHTSA, ECE, ASSESS, etc.)
        Import of recorded GPS tracks

» Closed-loop maneuvres with PreScan vehicle dynamics 
        Open Simulink model of chassis, transmission and engine
        Lateral and longitudinal controllers (driver models)

» Closed-loop maneuvres with 3rd party vehicle dynamics
        Your in-house developed vehicle dynamics codes
        Industry standard vehicle dynamics codes (e.g. CarSim, DYNA4, dSPACE/ASM)

» Driver-in-the-Loop using steering console

Driver in the loop setup connected to a TomTom device for a truck demonstrator


» Google Sketchup
» Google 3D Warehouse
» Google Earth
» GPS tracks
» Open Street Map importer for automated generation of road networks
» CAD models (STEP, IGES, 3DXML)

Mathworks partner
PreScan is listed as official partner of the Mathworks Connection program


» Matlab & Simulink
» veDYNA vehicle dynamics
» CarSim & TruckSim vehicle dynamics
» VI-Grade vehicle dynamics
» dSPACE ASM vehicle dynamics
» AmeSIM vehicle dynamics
» MOMO & Logitech steering console
» dSPACE / Controldesk
» National Instruments / LabVIEW
» HIL tooling (ETAS, dSPACE, National Instruments, OpalRT, Vector)
» PTV Vissim

Coupling with dSPACE ASM vehicle models
Vehicle models from any 3rd party vendor can be integrated into PreScan