Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation


PreScan Hardware-in-the-Loop

ECU testing for ADAS and automated driving

Laboratory testing by means of hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation is common practice for development and evaluation of chassis and engine ECU systems. However, testing of ECU systems for ADAS and automated driving is still primarily done using road testing.

Test your ECU with synthetic sensor signals

TASS International has developed a simulation platform PreScan, that allows for physics-based calculation of synthetic sensor readings (such as camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonic, V2x radio and PMD) in combination with flexible and accurate world modelling. The synthetic sensor signals are fed to the ECU to evaluate the prototype or production algorithms.

Real-time & scalable architecture

The latest PreScan software contains a distributed and scalable architecture allowing for real-time simulation and interfacing to existing and new hardware (control ECU, sensor hardware and/or driving console) for HIL and driving simulator testing.

Compatible with many systems

  • Mathworks
  • dSPACE
  • ETAS
  • OpalRT
  • National Instruments (see video below)

Integration services for your legacy systems

TASS international delivers complete solutions for ADAS ECU testing including integration services to your existing simulation models and legacy HIL systems. 

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PreScan HIL

PreScan HIL for camera - radar system

Masahito Shingyoji, Chief Engineer, Honda R&D

"We applied PreScan real-time HIL for testing our camera – radar system. Extensive test scenarios were simulated using test automation to maximize the efficiency of  development cycle. We used it to test our ADAS applications such as LDW, FCW and TSR, and are now extending to AEB and ACC along with precise vehicle dynamics models of CarSim."