Safe, green & smart mobility

For safer, greener and smarter vehicles


For safer, greener and smarter vehicles

Safe Mobility

Groundbreaking solutions and services for passive, active and integrated safety.

With the increasing possibilities of technology, the demands on safety grow simultaneously: on-board and around vehicles. For over 30 years TASS International provides cutting-edge simulation software (including the industry-standard MADYMO), testing services, and engineering safety solutions. Fast, accurate and reliable.

Green Mobility

In the next decade more stringent emission legislation creates the need for new innovative technologies to achieve the standards for low CO2 (CAFÉ) and NOx emissions. TASS International specialises in supporting developments in automated and connected driving, which also can have a positive effect on optimizing vehicle performance while minimizing emissions.

Smart Mobility

Smart mobility means integrating vehicle subsystems with its surroundings. Smart vehicle technology will enable reduction of the number of traffic accidents as well as reduction of emissions and fuel consumption. If existing navigation and safety systems are extended with communication to infrastructure and other vehicles (cooperative systems), smart vehicles will also enable better traffic flow. TASS International offers reliable and proven technology solutions for smarter vehicles and real-life safety improvements.  

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