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Dedicated and customer focused solutions using global engineering capability

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Fully accredited and independent testing institute providing extensive testing services and professional advice for the certification of safety products. Guiding you through worldwide product certification

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Guided Soft Target small - overview

ADAS Testing

Consumer and certification testing for passenger and heavy duty vehicle

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Cooperative mobility

Cooperative Mobility

TASS International Mobility Center provides services and facilities for testing in the fields of cooperative mobility, connected vehicle systems, and automated driving.

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Crash Testing

Leading independent European centre of excellence for vehicle safety engineering and passive safety testing, with sophisticated technology and advanced state-of-the-art facilities

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Tyre Testing

The Delft-Tyre team knows how to test tyres using a unique, in-house built, driving laboratory

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Vehicle Hardware-In-the-Loop

VeHIL allows developers to test and evaluate the functionality of a complete vehicle safety, as well as its subsystems and sensors, in controlled yet realistic circumstances. VeHIL is a fast and flexible route to developing and evaluating your advanced driver assistance (ADA) development programme. VeHIL can be connected to simulation tools like MADYMO or PreScan to simulate with occupant injury, pre-crash testing, advanced design and evaluation of intelligent vehicle systems, and development & validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

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Integrated Vehicle Safety

Research into improved vehicle design and restraint systems, including integral safety - combination of passive and active safety - and seat comfort

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