PreScan at Honda R&D

Masahito Shingyoji, Chief Engineer, Honda R&D

" We applied PreScan real-time HIL for testing our camera – radar system. Extensive test scenarios were simulated using test automation to maximize the efficiency of development cycle. We used it to test our ADAS applications such as LDW, FCW and TSR, and are now extending to AEB and ACC along with precise vehicle dynamics models of CarSim. "

Sapa Pole Products logo

Furniture crash tested in air

Bas van Boxtel, Technical Manager, Sapa Pole Products

" We produce aluminum lighting columns according to EN 40-6. We offer impact-direction-independent solutions from HE3 to NE3, and everything in between, for any purpose. For any combination of preferred column height, speed-limits, foundation and possible secondary hazards we offer the best choice of solutions. To improve road safety, we carried out crash tests according to EN 12767. The latest development, which has been tested at TASS International, was a special one: our redesigned NE3 (70NE3 and 100NE3). To eliminate all uncertainties due to ground interactions, we tested the lighting column without any support from soil. We therefore removed the 50m3 of earth from the test location and installed a special construction to test our 15m column surrounded with a concrete prefab TOAD in the air!! Based on only the inertia of the added TOAD we achieved NE3 again, confirmed by the mandatory CE certification of it by TÜV Rheinland LGA. This combination is no longer dependent on the surrounding backfill or on variables such as groundwater level etc. We can conclude that the pole will perform even better than tested in all practical cases, as there’s always something more supportive than air when the columns are installed in-situ. Many compliments to TASS International for their outstanding performance and for all of the extra measures they took above and beyond the minimum requirements. Thanks! "

PMF Steel Poles logo #2

Furniture crash testing in alternative soil

Sjaak Hoekstra, PMF Steel Poles, the Netherlands

" As manufacturer of steel lighting columns, it is our mission to supply safe products. In house, we developed a steel lighting column for highways and secondary roads in the class 100NE3 according to the standard EN 12767. The columns have a foundation which is strong enough for all kind of soils. For this purpose, the test location with standard soil was totally transformed to a unique area with 50m³ weak peaty soil. The tested lighting columns have a unidirectional (360°)impact, usable in all kind of soils and they are available for heights between 2 and 15 meter. We are proud of the cooperation between TASS International and PMF. Quick response, clear communication and working in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks! "

PreScan at HMC R&D Center

PreScan at HMC

Yongsun Kim, Part Manager, Hyundai Motor Company R&D Center

" Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has been using PreScan software for several years now to develop and verify new ADAS functions such as pre-crash. We particularly value the capabilities of the software in the area of scenario definitions, the easy interface to our existing vehicle dynamics models, the broad database of different sensing technologies and the professional support that we receive from the local TASS team. As a result we recently planned to extend our PreScan usage to our autonomous driving development and research. "

PreScan driving simulator

PreScan for Driving Simulator

Thomas Passegger, Truck Product Engineering, Daimler Trucks

" When upgrading our truck driving simulators for ADAS and HMI studies, we selected the PreScan software from TASS International for the world, scenario and sensor simulation. Its accurate sensor models and flexible scenario definition enable us to do active safety system analysis and HMI studies with a driver in the loop. Their engineering team did a great job connecting PreScan to our existing control and vehicle dynamics models. "

Shanghai SH Intelligent Automotive Technology

Shanghai SH Intelligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd

Dr. LiLin, VP, Shanghai SH Intelligent Automotive Technology

" We applied PreScan and its plugins for modeling the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle(Shanghai) Pilot Zone for test scenario built and feasibility study, and extended PreScan simulation technologies to various studies including producing the test cases with naturalistic driving data and traffic accident data, PreScan has played a very important role in supporting the testing services development of the Pilot Zone, thanks to its user friendly interface, powerful functions, and good local technical support. "

VisLab logo small

PreScan for automated driving

Prof. Alberto Broggi, VisLab, Italy

" The PreScan software is used at VisLab during the algorithm design phase of our autonomous vehicles. Its usage allowed us to make very fast design iterations and contributed to a robust algorithm design and a successful road demonstration of our autonomous vehicles (www.vislab.it/proud). "

PreScan for Lane Keeping Assist

Mr. Takahito Nakano, DP-iSafety Center, DENSO Corporation

" We are using PreScan extensively for Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Warning (LKA/LDW) applications. It allowed us to achieve a major reduction in road testing while investigating a much wider range of scenario variations, which would never have been possible by using road testing. "

MADYMO Coupling

PSA Peugeot Citroën

" With the usage of coupling, PSA managed to gain considerable time saving in vehicle developments. The Radioss-MADYMO coupling solution enables PSA to use the same MADYMO dummy and restraint models in occupant safety analysis as well as in the RADIOSS structural analysis. This removed the need to create intermediate FE models of the restraint system, which has lead to reduced development time and higher confidence in simulation results. "

MADYMO Multimatic

Multimatic Inc.

" We were working on an electric vehicle’s structure and, as the program moved along, the customer realized they needed to assess occupant performance as well,” Gillund recalled. “Because we had access to MADYMO through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance, we were able to conduct that work for the customer providing a fully integrated solution, thus reducing overall program cost and timing. "

ADAS, VeHIL and PreScan

Mr. Shaobo Qiu, Technical Director Vehicle Safety, FAW Group

" The results from radar sensor benchmarking in TNO’s VeHIL facility enabled us to make an objective selection of different sensor suppliers for our new Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system. Moreover, the PreScan sensor model that was derived from these tests allowed us to complete large parts of the algorithm development process by simulation instead of on the road. We also used VeHIL to validate the final system under controlled yet realistic conditions. This offered us valuable insight into the system's real-world behavior and performance. "

MADYMO used for "Automotive Design"

Prof. Anoop Chawla - Henry Ford Chair Professor, IIT Delhi

" We have been using MADYMO as a multi body dynamic simulation tool in our Post Graduate Class on "Automotive Design". It has been a useful tool for our work in reconstruction of crashes, study of crashworthiness of vehicles and study of safety devices like seatbelts and airbags. The presence of a wide range of calibrated dummy models including Hybrid III Dummies, Side Impact dummies, Child impact Dummies, Human Models and Pedestrian Models has been particularly useful. Recently I have introduced MADYMO in my Post Graduate elective on "Automotive Design". The students were excited to get an exposure on a tool widely used in the industry. They could use this to effectively understand multi-body simulations, their use in occupant safety design and their advantages vis-à-vis full finite element based simulations. Not to miss, the students could appreciate the importance of biomechanical analysis in crashworthiness studies. They could easily appreciate the importance of these inter-disciplinary skills. Overall, the experience they gained from the MADYMO software would serve them well in their engineering careers ahead. "

Code Product Solutions

Development of an I-size child seat

Harold van Aken, Code Product Solutions

" Our customer Dorel Juvenile was confronted with the task to develop the first I-size child seat, the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl. To investigate and analyze the best feasible design - considering the occurring forces during an accident - Dorel Juvenile turned to Code Product Solutions. Within the development of this first I-size child car seat, we have employed MADYMO Child dummies, MADYMO Coupling to Radioss as well as MADYMO multi-body and finite element solvers. We work with a wide range of virtual dummies, such as detailed FE-dummies & multi-body models that describe the kinematics of the dummy. The advantages of working with Madymo dummies are the reduction in calculation time, lower cost for dummy licences and the ease of dummy positioning and belt routing. For the development of the first I-size car seat, we had the availability of the complete family of Child Q-dummies. The family consists of the Q0, Q1, Q1.5, Q3(s), Q6 and Q10 model. "


Forward Innovation

Leslie Xiong, CEO, Shenzhen Forward Innovation

" We selected PreScan simulation software after serious evaluation as our development tool for forward looking camera based ADAS systems. Thanks to PreScan high quality models and user friendly interface, especially professional local support team which implement the tool quickly into our daily development work process. PreScan enables us to precisely model and control test scenarios, offer ground truth data as references, and offers test automation to quickly compute large number of scenarios, which support our algorithms and systems development and optimization in an efficient way, and shorten our production development cycle. "



Dr. Zhou Shengyan, CEO, Shanghai Maxieye Automo

" PreScan simulation software offers a variety of powerful modeling capabilities, an easy-to-use graphical interface, and fast computing performance. We used PreScan to develop visual ADAS systems, support the development of autopilot systems, and provided important technical support for the mass production of our forward looking camera systems. PreScan has also played a vital role in our advance development projects of high accuracy maps and positioning technologies based on low cost forward-looking systems. "

Halmstad University logo

PreScan for Automated Driving scenarios

Víctor Díez Rodríguez, comm. & architecture, Team Halmstad

" We have two main PreScan uses: to test the car controller and to test the interaction protocols for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge. Both PreScan and the implementation of our controller use Simulink, making it easy to interface the vehicle information from PreScan to our controller. We managed to run our complete implementation for several vehicles, assigning to PreScan the task of simulating the vehicle dynamics and the output of the sensors of the car. PreScan helped us to find bugs in our implementation in the early stages of the project without spending too much time in the car, which shortened the development cycles a lot. We took advantage of PreScan's capabilities to load real maps and use GPS coordinates to run hardware-in-the-loop tests. This made it possible to platoon with a simulated car. The first time we had the chance to test the scenarios with other teams was just one week before the competition so, without PreScan, it would have been impossible to do any tests concerning the interaction with other vehicles before arriving to Helmond. "

PreScan for Human Factors Research

Roel van Vroonhoven, Research Engineer, Fontys University

" For Human Factors (HMI design and workload assessment) and ADAS research we use the PreScan software as a virtual environment and interface in our Driving Simulator. It allows to build a virtual world in an easy abd flexible manner; and allows us to assist TASS/DITCM while performing FOT’s on the A270. Its flexibility and the interface with Matlab/Simulink allows us to connect real-time to the different types of hardware. "

Biomechanical Consultants

MADYMO for Accident Reconstruction

Sean D. Shimada, Ph.D., Biomechanical Consultants

" We have been using MADYMO as a multi body dynamic simulation tool for accident reconstruction and biomechanics for several years. It has been a powerful and useful tool for reconstructing complex motor vehicle collisions where injury causation needed to be assessed. More specifically, we have used MADYMO to determine the likelihood and extent of injury when a 3-point seatbelt is used properly versus when it is not. We also have used MADYMO to determine the effect an airbag would have on an occupant if it had properly deployed contrasted with a deployment malfunction. The existence of available validated dummy models including Hybrid III Dummies, Side Impact dummies, Child Impact Dummies, and Pedestrian Models in combination with the scaling abilities has significantly aided in multifaceted analyses that could not have been performed otherwise. The visual aspects of MADYMO have benefited jurors in the litigation setting as they were able to personally see, appreciate, and understand the importance of biomechanical analysis. Furthermore, with the presence of validated models available in MADYMO and being recognized as the “gold-standard” tool widely used in the automotive and forensic industry, MADYMO has provided heightened reliability which jurors have appreciated. I would highly recommend the implementation of MADYMO into small and large private consulting firms who perform accident reconstruction and biomechanical analyses. "

PreScan for ADAS concept development

SAIC Motor

" We successfully used PreScan for design and evaluation of active safety system concepts in typical Chinese accident scenarios. PreScan enabled us to achieve our project targets in a cost- and time-effective manner. Through TASS International, we can now also profit from combined services such as TNO’s CarLabs and TNO’s VeHIL testing. This will enable us to save a considerable amount of time, hardware investments, and road-testing efforts. "

Logo IFT - Institut fur Fahrzeugtechnik Trier

Understanding restraint system parameters using MADYMO

Prof.Dr.–Ing.Peter König,Institute of Automotive Technology

" As vehicle safety is a technical focus in the education of automotive engineers at Trier University of Applied Sciences, we use MADYMO intensively within Bachelor and Master courses. The students need to understand how parameters of restraint systems may affect each other and which influence they have on the injuries of passengers. Using MADYMO models makes it easy to realize the impact of design parameter changes by analyzing the occupant kinematics and by determining all relevant injury values. "