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Furniture crash tested in air

Bas van Boxtel, Technical Manager, Sapa Pole Products

" We produce aluminum lighting columns according to EN 40-6. We offer impact-direction-independent solutions from HE3 to NE3, and everything in between, for any purpose. For any combination of preferred column height, speed-limits, foundation and possible secondary hazards we offer the best choice of solutions. To improve road safety, we carried out crash tests according to EN 12767. The latest development, which has been tested at TASS International, was a special one: our redesigned NE3 (70NE3 and 100NE3). To eliminate all uncertainties due to ground interactions, we tested the lighting column without any support from soil. We therefore removed the 50m3 of earth from the test location and installed a special construction to test our 15m column surrounded with a concrete prefab TOAD in the air!! Based on only the inertia of the added TOAD we achieved NE3 again, confirmed by the mandatory CE certification of it by TÜV Rheinland LGA. This combination is no longer dependent on the surrounding backfill or on variables such as groundwater level etc. We can conclude that the pole will perform even better than tested in all practical cases, as there’s always something more supportive than air when the columns are installed in-situ. Many compliments to TASS International for their outstanding performance and for all of the extra measures they took above and beyond the minimum requirements. Thanks! "

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Furniture crash testing in alternative soil

Sjaak Hoekstra, PMF Steel Poles, the Netherlands

" As manufacturer of steel lighting columns, it is our mission to supply safe products. In house, we developed a steel lighting column for highways and secondary roads in the class 100NE3 according to the standard EN 12767. The columns have a foundation which is strong enough for all kind of soils. For this purpose, the test location with standard soil was totally transformed to a unique area with 50m³ weak peaty soil. The tested lighting columns have a unidirectional (360°)impact, usable in all kind of soils and they are available for heights between 2 and 15 meter. We are proud of the cooperation between TASS International and PMF. Quick response, clear communication and working in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks! "

Code Product Solutions

Development of an I-size child seat

Harold van Aken, Code Product Solutions

" Our customer Dorel Juvenile was confronted with the task to develop the first I-size child seat, the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl. To investigate and analyze the best feasible design - considering the occurring forces during an accident - Dorel Juvenile turned to Code Product Solutions. Within the development of this first I-size child car seat, we have employed MADYMO Child dummies, MADYMO Coupling to Radioss as well as MADYMO multi-body and finite element solvers. We work with a wide range of virtual dummies, such as detailed FE-dummies & multi-body models that describe the kinematics of the dummy. The advantages of working with Madymo dummies are the reduction in calculation time, lower cost for dummy licences and the ease of dummy positioning and belt routing. For the development of the first I-size car seat, we had the availability of the complete family of Child Q-dummies. The family consists of the Q0, Q1, Q1.5, Q3(s), Q6 and Q10 model. "