Vehicle Dynamics

Enhancing driving stability, safety and comfort


Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle dynamics boils down to mastering the lateral, longitudinal and vertical forces acting on the vehicle. OEMs use an increasing number of subsystems to enhance driving stability, safety and comfort under all driving conditions. Getting these subsystems to operate seamlessly together is one of the big challenges. Furthermore the tyre plays a major role in controlling vehicle dynamics.

Next to various solutions concerning vehicle behaviour, TASS International offers the dedicated design and evaluation solutions for tyres. Clients can either work from complete simulation to active real-life testing on all road surfaces under all conditions. Fast availability of reliable data is the result you can build on.

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  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Design on actual physics
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Reliable data with less components



Delft-Tyre is a range of products and services to model tyre behaviour for vehicle dynamic simulations. Delft-Tyre provides an integral, cost efficient and fast tyre modelling for al simulation applications.

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Tyre Truck - service v small

Tyre Testing

On-road test labs measuring tyre performance at any road surface and at almost any condition.

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Integrated Vehicle Safety

Enhance driving stability, safety and comfort under all driving conditions

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